King Spedition & BF3 Service GmbH

We are specialized in organizing special and oversized transports.
Our main services are permits, escorts and documentation for oversized transport in Europe.
When you need oversized transport services, we are here for you!

King Spedition Volvo 4+3+5

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KINGSPED … for all your KING SIZE spedition needs!


We are specialized in obtaining permits for oversized transport in all of Europe. In transport it is important to get the permit on time to be able to transfer your load from point A to point B. The bigger your load is, the bigger is the challenge to get it done on time. Our priority is that transport is made according to the regulations in all of European coutries.

Transport Escorts

We are organizing escorts for oversized transports in all of European countries. We are organizing BF2, BF3, BF4, Police escorts and road protokol. We offer everything you need for safe transport of your oversized load across the Europe.

Drive park management

All documents of your trucks and trailers in one place. In today’s world it is important to be fast, reliable and adaptable. To be all of that, it is important to know what your driving park is and what you can do with it. Get the most of your driving park by organizing it to perfection. Having everything in one place is the best start for fast and reliable work with your clients.

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